Human Health


Ushering in the AI Era of Scientific Breakthroughs 

At Obvious Ventures, we see generative science as the next big wave in AI innovation. Last week, I sat down with three brilliant minds to...


Creating Biological Software to Solve the Biggest Questions in Medicine

Inceptive sees life’s languages fully encapsulated in RNA, a molecule that intermediates how our genetic code (DNA) gets actualized to proteins, which in turn carry...


Getting Physical: The New AI Frontier of Robotics

With their recent releases, OpenAI and Google have shown the profound capabilities of AI systems that can read, write, see, and even understand. But even...


Generative Science: Our Contrarian View of AI 

Large science models will deliver transformative solutions in climate, biotech, and robotics


AI for the GI

How Iterative Health’s founder and CEO is bringing precision care to the masses


Discovering the Impossible

Why the founder of Gandeeva decided to take on cancer


Leading the AI Search for Protein Therapies

The path that led James Field to found the biotechnology company LabGenius, began decades ago when he was a small boy playing in the back...


10 Healthcare Predictions for 2023

The pandemic ebbed and flowed in 2022. It changed how patients interact with healthcare, strained the finances of health systems, and burned out medical professionals....


10 Food & Wellness Predictions for 2023

In 400 BC, Hippocrates wrote that we should let food be our medicine. Those words are the perfect harbinger for food and wellness trends in...


10 TechBio Predictions for 2023

We foresee the coming year will be one of convergence in TechBio. Cheaper sequencing and new wet lab tools will enable scaled data generation while recent advances in machine learning will unlock unprecedented analytical and predictive capabilities.


Generative AI That Saves Lives

Bringing Generative AI into the healthcare stack can deliver extraordinary possibilities


The Future of FemTech Is Here

From innovations in contraception to hormone hacking


Rebuilding the Healthcare Delivery Stack, Brick by Brick

A guide to the modernization of healthcare


The Tripping Point

The rising promise of psychedelic medicine


Fixing the Fickle Finances of Healthcare

How entrepreneurs are helping consumers get better-priced, higher-quality care—with more opportunities ahead


Ken Chahine and the Laws of Nature

How the CEO of Nectar Life Sciences got to now—and plans to end allergies as we know them


Menopause Meets Its Match. Her Name Is Sally Mueller.

Womaness Co-Founder/CEO Sally Mueller brings a dynamic-yet-practical outlook to a long overlooked category.


The Unstoppable Determination of Michelle Longmire, MD

Medable’s Co-founder/CEO on her father’s falconry, never listening to the no’s, and getting more molecules to market


22 Healthcare Predictions For 2022

The past 24 months have been a reckoning for a legacy healthcare system drowning in rising costs and preventable casualties. The gaps in access, resources,...


Identity-Aligned Interventions

A more inclusive healthcare system is emerging. It’s time to accelerate the change


Making Healthcare a 24/7 Affair

Anytime, anywhere care → improved outcomes at lower costs


Finding Wealth in Health

Why the next great consumer company will be a health-focused platform


The New Biology

A counterintuitive approach to biological design is unlocking life-saving therapies and novel materials


A Boon for Business, Creating a Windfall for Causes

Boon Supply founder and CEO Lily Kanter takes e-commerce consciously to the next level


Food Is Medicine, and Neka Pasquale Wants to be Your Doctor.

The story behind Urban Remedy founder Neka Pasquale’s quest to deliver a sensual, colorful, and healing experience with food.


Incredible. Immigrant. Inspiring. Introducing Iman Abuzeid.

The Incredible Health Co-Founder/CEO has been flying under the radar, but those days may be numbered


Leslie Silverglide Flips the Fast Food Script

The visionary co-founder/CEO shares her personal journey and take on the societal shifts that led to MIXT


The Five Forces of Food

The food industry is undergoing a seismic shift. Here's why.


It Takes More Than Tech to Redefine a Trillion Dollar Category

Recursion Pharmaceuticals’ performance is also driven by an ambitious purpose, a values-driven culture, and the Silicon Slopes. Here’s a look at the people behind the progress


The New Intelligence

Modern AI and the fundamental undoing of the scientific method


The Easy Thing About Hard Things In Health Care

Ask any person with type 2 diabetes what it’s like living with the disease. You’re likely to hear stories of health problems compounding other health...


Artificial Intelligence Wants To Make Us Healthier, If We Let It

Few words are thrown around Silicon Valley as often as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) these days. Startups promising to create new businesses...