In the near future, AI will generate new breakthroughs in health and climate

In the near future, our diamonds will be grown not mined

In the near future, our transportation systems will be electrified and emission-free

In the near future, our food will promote personal and planetary health

In the near future, cures for disease will be discovered with extraordinary speed

In the near future, new financial tools will create better opportunities for millions

In the near future, the most valuable companies will be the ones tackling our biggest problems

In the near future,


We believe the largest companies of our time will utilize breakthrough technologies to solve systemic problems in a profitable and scalable way. As entrepreneurs we’ve helped grow household names like Apple, Twitter, and Patagonia. As investors we’ve helped build world positive category disruptors like Beyond Meat, Virta Health, and Diamond Foundry. First and foremost, we’re product designers and company operators, and we are on a mission to support purpose-driven entrepreneurs across three investment pillars: