Obvious, in Hindsight

As our firm crosses the ten-year mark, our conviction in world positive venture capital is stronger than ever


Generative Science: Our Contrarian View of AI 

Large science models will deliver transformative solutions in climate, biotech, and robotics


The E.T.H.I.C.S. checklist to sustain and grow AI responsibly

The age of generative AI is upon us, and it’s already proving to be a disruptive new technology. Generative AI has already shown how it...


The Missing Piece

Inside the making of Scott Kim’s world positive puzzles


To Wall Street and Beyond

At Obvious, we celebrate the founder’s journey from idea to IPO. After signing a term sheet, we send our founders a levitating light bulb representing...


The ESG Term Sheet

The 2022 Sequel to the World Positive Term Sheet


How to Build a Time Machine

The four elements of thematic venture capital


The World Positive Report Returns

As the rules of ESG in VC are being written, let’s focus on the metrics that matter


Reimagining ESG Reporting For Startups

Introducing Obvious’ first ever World Positive Report


The Persuasion Equation

A marketing playbook for technical founders and teams, rooted in truthful storytelling


Delightful Board Meetings

A recipe for effective and enjoyable startup board meetings


Operationalizing Purpose

A practical, Patagonia-inspired guide for entrepreneurs on purpose, values, and the philosophies that underpin it all


A Modern Guide to Lean OKRs, Part III

Making it happen


A Modern Guide to Lean OKRs, Part II

The basics of setting Lean OKRs: be brief and look for the RAMPS


A Modern Guide to Lean OKRs, Part I

Retrofitting a classic tool with purpose, values, and systems that scale for startups


The Top Ten World Positive Stories of 2018

Just in time to restore your faith in the world


Profits *Because of* Purpose

Milton Friedman would agree: give the people what they want


The Org is Your Product. The People are Your Customers. Design Their Journey.

Welcome to the dawn of a new age in People Operations & HR


The Engine of Purpose That Drives Successful Companies

Inside the healthy tensions that fueled us at Patagonia, and what entrepreneurs can learn as they themselves build for the long term


Introducing the World Positive Term Sheet

Much has already been written about the proverbial term sheet. From Intel and Apple to Google and Facebook, tech giants have fueled their engines with venture...


Down With Bias, Up With Profitability

Too many founders/CEO’s are dismissing the data. To the rescue: Joelle Emerson and the team at Paradigm, guiding us on how to fight the unconscious demons within.


Words of Wisdom From the Queen of Quality Content Marketing

First Round’s Camille Ricketts successfully built the Harvard Business Review for startups from scratch. Now she’s got some content advice of her own to impart.


Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Board

Lessons Learned From the Board of Directors of Seventh Generation