Planetary Health


Ushering in the AI Era of Scientific Breakthroughs 

At Obvious Ventures, we see generative science as the next big wave in AI innovation. Last week, I sat down with three brilliant minds to...


Generative Science: Our Contrarian View of AI 

Large science models will deliver transformative solutions in climate, biotech, and robotics


Why We Invested in Zanskar

Geothermal heats up with a boost from AI


Why We Invested in Halcyon

Fighting climate change with data


The E.T.H.I.C.S. checklist to sustain and grow AI responsibly

The age of generative AI is upon us, and it’s already proving to be a disruptive new technology. Generative AI has already shown how it...


How Geothermal is Heating Up to Power the Electrification of Everything

The world is waking up to a powerful fact about the future: we need substantially more energy than anyone thought, and we need it soon.


Charging Toward a More Resilient Grid

The story of Synop began 18 years ago when Dhillon met Andrew Blejde in an engineering class on their first day of high school in...


Tesla Alums Electrify RVs

How Lightship began with a road trip


Climate Ag’s Moment in the Sun

Decarbonizing any industry delivers benefits that go way beyond sustainability. How we cultivate soil, grow crops, and raise livestock has been in a state of tech-enabled...


Fixing the Carbon Market, One Credit at a Time

Adrian Wons got into mechanical engineering in the most German way possible: through cars. He never expected to take a hard right into sustainability and...


Special Episode: Kim Stanley Robinson On Our Climate Future

Host Andrew Beebe speaks to one of the greatest living writers of science fiction, Kim Stanley Robinson.


10 Climate Tech Predictions for 2023

2022 was a big year for Climate Tech, particularly in the U.S. The Inflation Reduction Act, also known as the Climate Bill, was a shot...


The Clean, Quiet Trucking Revolution

Forum Mobility’s mission to electrify a huge industry you’ve never heard of


The Climate Bill’s Hidden Win

The climate bill, or the Inflation Reduction Act in DC-speak, represents a sea change in American climate policy. The financial impacts on climate funding have...


Engineering Culture Like an EV

How Lightship’s Head of Manufacturing is building sustainable RVs and an inclusive culture


BONUS: Series Wrap Up with Andrew Beebe and Emily Brady

For this bonus episode, we’re flipping the script.


Accelerating Fast Charging with Cathy Zoi

Cathy Zoi is the CEO of EVgo, America’s largest fast charging network for electric vehicles.


Why We Need Nuclear with Rachel Slaybaugh

Dr. Rachel Slaybaugh is a nuclear expert and investor at DCVC, where she focuses on climate tech.


Why a Payments Company Went All In On Carbon Removal

Nan Ransohoff is Head of Climate at Stripe. As part of her role, Nan leads Frontier, an advance market commitment for carbon removal.


From Journalist to VC with Molly Wood

Molly Wood is an investor at the early stage venture firm LAUNCH, and co-host of This Week in Startups.


Building ‘Stuff That Matters’ with Tony Fadell

Tony Fadell led the teams that brought us the iPod, iPhone, and the Nest thermostat.


The Optimistic Path Forward with Jason Jacobs

Jason Jacobs is the creator and host of My Climate Journey, a podcast that demystifies climate change and helps people make a difference.


Making Big Companies Change with Maria Fujihara

Maria Fujihara is Founder & CEO of SINAI Technologies, the world’s leading enterprise software platform to measure, analyze, price, and reduce emissions.


Building a Climate Army with Jigar Shah

To begin the series, we speak with Jigar Shah, Director for the Loan Programs Office at the U.S. Department of Energy.


Introducing Obvious Ideas

In hindsight, all great ideas are Obvious.


10 Climate Tech Predictions For 2022

Spoiler alert: Growth will be ubiquitous in the Decarb Decade


Cracking the Carbon Conundrum

The Four R’s of Carbon, for our collective consideration


Maria Fujihara Decarbonizes the World

SINAI Technology’s Founder & CEO on getting fired in Brazil, hiring herself in the Bay Area, and the climate tech revolution ahead


We Have Entered the Climate Decade

A long boom of climate tech is just getting started


These Robots Learn. Meet Their Teacher.

Dexterity CEO Samir Menon draws on neuroscience, mathematics, and computer science to build robots of the future, today. He’s also a poet.


The Frictionless Future

Urban infrastructure brings us closer to exponentially better living


Industrial IQ: Where High Tech Meets Low Tech

Tech is breaking out of the Silicon Valley sandbox, transforming traditional, trillion-dollar industries in the process.


A Tale of Two Cities, 2030 Edition

A great migration forces an existential question for the modern metropolis: how might entrepreneurs upgrade urban living over the next ten years?


A Sea Change in Seafood

XpertSea Co-founder and CEO Valerie Robitaille is transforming aquaculture systems with technology, and making it a family affair.


Building Better Machines That Are Better for Humans

Canvas Co-Founder and CTO Maria Telleria brings her vision, values, and Ph.D. to bear on a construction industry in need of reinvention. Maria Telleria became...


Preparing for Liftoff

Electric flight will transform our cities for the better, and it will happen sooner than you might think


The New Intelligence

Modern AI and the fundamental undoing of the scientific method


The Seeds of a Building Revolution

With purpose as its foundation, Plant Prefab pursues a half trillion dollar market


Pouring New Foundations in Construction Tech

In 1943 Abraham Maslow published his seminal paper titled A Theory of Human Motivation, in which he posited a prioritization protocol for human needs, now know...


The Death of “Alternative Energy”

Fifteen years ago, when I joined the early ranks of clean energy entrepreneurs, we were nearly dead in the water on climate. Oil was $15...


Manufacturing Goes Digital

A blueprint for the future rooted in lessons from the past


The Coming Electrification of Everything

At Obvious Ventures, we believe stored electricity, increasingly derived from renewable sources, will entirely replace fossil fuels as the preferred method to power everything in...