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Ushering in the AI Era of Scientific Breakthroughs 

At Obvious Ventures, we see generative science as the next big wave in AI innovation. Last week, I sat down with three brilliant minds to...


Engineers Without Borders

Engineering shortages have long plagued the U.S. tech sector. Big tech companies point to immigration restrictions that hamper their efforts to find employees. The idea...


Fintech In Focus: Defining ‘World Positive Fintech’ and our 2024 Roadmap

In 2024, we’re exploring these key areas in world positive fintech.


The AI Copilot Market Map

At Obvious, we see AI is ushering in a major transformation to how we find and do our best work. We believe it has the...


Embedded Finance: The Clue to Inclusion

60 million Americans and 35% of small businesses don’t have access to traditional banking services. Embedded finance is, at its essence, the offering of financial...


Say Hola to Howdy

How Howdy Corrals Top LATAM Talent


10 Fintech Predictions for 2023

If 2021 was the golden year for fintech fundraising, with $130 billion invested in financial services startups, 2022 was the year of the major pullback....


Always Look On the Brightside

Jessica was walking into work one morning at a large distribution center in rural Illinois when something caught her eye. It was an advertisement for...


Building the SMB Central Nervous System

Verticalized tech for SMBs, a once untenable VC category, is about to have its moment


Fixing the Fickle Finances of Healthcare

How entrepreneurs are helping consumers get better-priced, higher-quality care—with more opportunities ahead


The Surprising, Hidden Impact of Insurance

Corvus CEO Phil Edmundson is building a safer world at the intersection of insurance and technology


22 Fintech Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

Purpose-driven founders are primed to transform our financial systems. Get ready.


10 Predictions: Knowledge Work in 2022

Re-moat advantages, new kids on the blockchain, and more


Orchestration Software: Unlocking Superpowers for SMBs

Small business owners are primed to gain equal footing in crowded e-commerce landscapes


The New New Deal

Building the economic infrastructure for a new era of self-employment


Welcome To (the New) Wall Street

Today’s retail rebalancing is enabling a first-of-its-kind, broad base of long-term wealth creation. It’s about time.


Why We Work

How might we design a better toolkit for professional transformation in this new world?


Human-Centered Finance

Millions more Americans are in financial distress today. It’s time to rewrite the personal finance playbook, with purpose.


Risk Rewards

Insurtech providers are set to play an increasingly critical role in making civil society more resilient today


Designing a Better Remote Reality

With the exponential implications of remote work emerging, it’s time to move forward with meaningful intention


Productivity Tools Go Vertical

Five questions for entrepreneurs to consider before diving in


The Rise of Purpose-Driven Marketplaces

An inspiring purpose, curated convenience, and thoughtful personalization is their recipe for success