Typically our investments fall within these categories:
Sustainable Systems, People Power, and Healthy Living

Pioneering electric vehicle charging as a service for fleets

Creating AI that builds, optimizes and explains deep learning AI

Forging cultured diamonds, without harm to people or planet

Harnessing the power of the renewable-friendly grid

Nudging the world to shop efficient

Developing the first electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) jet

A leading real estate + lifestyle hospitality company

Residential solar lending

Empowering human endeavor through daily earth imagery

High quality, sustainable, healthy homes

Zero-emission, electric buses that help eliminate fossil fuel dependency and reduce costs

Automated carbon fiber fabrication for mass production

Software that makes solar shine brighter

Data driven aquaculture solutions

Harnessing the power of biology to engineer materials of the future

Help teachers, improve education

Everyday goods with purpose

Cutting-edge mobile technology to help service professionals grow their business

Putting the tools for social change into the hands of 100 million (& counting)

The future of car ownership is Fair

Payroll and benefits that put people first

A place where the best clinicians and hospitals meet

Premium all-in-one photo solution

A new way to rent

A better (and more rewarding) way to save money

New national securities exchange & listings venue designed for modern companies

Digital Lightfield™ computing for magical, visceral experiences

Advancing innovation for the Maker community

The publishing platform, democratized

Biz conferences reimagined as festivals that celebrate and connect

Set your fulfillment on autopilot

Make it simple to discover and participate in outdoor experiences

Taxes made simple


Hourly employment made better


Real Meat: 100% Plant Protein

Building apps that help you manage health at home

Building a full-stack health insurance and care solution for seniors

Good groceries, delivered

Revolutionizing infant sleep gear

Helping athletes up their game by elevating their minds

From sprout to plate, serving delicious, real food to fuel your healthy lifestyle

Revolutionizing dairy with plants

Personal care products, reimagined


Expertly blended nutritional supplements

Teaching old drugs new tricks

Clean, delicious, health-giving foods

Creative tools, spaces, and connections driven by self-expression

Online diabetes reversal clinic

Making self-care accessible and aspirational

Work with world positive startups.

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