Ev Williams


In January 1999 Ev co-founded Pyra Labs, which created the blog-publishing service Blogger (and coined the term "blogger"), which was acquired by Google in early 2003. He then co-founded Odeo and Obvious Corp, which gave birth to Twitter in 2006. Ev was Twitter's co-founder, lead investor, and former CEO. Twitter has become one of the most used sites on the Internet, with over 280 million people logging into the service each month and sending half a billion tweets each day.

In 2011, Ev, along with Obvious Ventures advisors Biz Stone and Jason Goldman, restarted Obvious Corp and began a mix of start-up investing and incubation. He has invested in Branch (acquired by Facebook), mobile life coach service Lift, plant-based protein maker Beyond Meat, and household device maker Nest (acquired by Google). Ev is the co-founder and CEO of the new publishing platform Medium.

Ev grew up on a farm in Clarks, Nebraska.

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