Andrew Beebe

Managing Director

Andrew helps build companies with category-creating entrepreneurs that are decarbonizing the global economy, electrifying all modes of transportation, and upgrading urban environments.

He leads Obvious’ investments that scale renewable energy adoption with Mosaic, Sighten (acquired), Inspire (acquired), and Enbala (acquired); positively transform and electrify transportation with Proterra (IPO), Lilium (IPO), LightshipRV, Forum Mobility, and Amply (acquired); elevate cities with Plant Prefab, RenoRun, and Canvas; and help companies decarbonize with SINAI Technologies.

Before joining Obvious, Andrew led Distributed Generation for Nextera Energy, the largest clean energy developer in the United States. Previously he was at Suntech, which became the largest solar company in the world under his tenure as Chief Commercial Officer. Andrew joined Suntech after the company acquired Energy Innovations, a major solar developer that he founded in 2003. Before his clean tech career, Andrew spent a decade building “Web 1.0” companies like, an e-commerce platform designed to serve the needs of small businesses entering the Internet age. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College. Andrew also supports purpose-driven founders via organizations like The Elemental Excelerator, NREL, and Women Who Tech.

Andrew was born in New York City and spent his formative years on an avocado ranch in Ojai, California. He is a woodworker in his spare time, building wooden boats and furniture.